Working in real estate offers a high level of independence, but that doesn’t mean agents can get by all on their own. In truth, few factors will determine your success in the industry as much as your ability to build and maintain professional relationships. These connections will provide you with the support and knowledge you need to thrive at every stage in your career.

If you’re looking to build your professional network, here are a few strategies for doing it right…

1) Stay in touch

Most agents know how important it is to build an ongoing rapport with potential leads, but few put the same type of effort into doing so with their peers. The same is true when it comes to connecting with professionals who specialize in fields like finance, design, or home repair. That’s unfortunate, given the great potential for mutually-beneficial relationships to develop. 

To start making the most of new connections, reach out to your fellow real estate agents after conferences and networking events. You should also consider following up to thank any service provider who goes above and beyond for one of your clients.  

2) Consider mentorship

 There’s no better way to overcome career challenges than by learning from a seasoned industry vet. To start benefitting from years of real estate wisdom, make finding a mentor one of your networking goals. As an added bonus, the expert who agrees to take you under their wing will likely introduce you to other professionals they know, further expanding your circle.

The key is finding someone who not only has the knowledge to act as a trusted advisor, but the will to help aspiring agents succeed. If you work within a supportive, industry-leading team like RE/MAX Professionals, begin your search in-house. 

3) Leverage LinkedIn

Many agents use social media to generate new leads, but it can be just as helpful for seeking out career connections. As a tool designed specifically with networking in mind, Linkedin can aid you in your search for helpful professionals in real estate and beyond. 

From HR representatives to home builders, the experts you meet on this career-boosting platform could provide your next referral. Start leveraging the capabilities of Linkedin by showcasing your expertise (through an up-to-date profile and relevant content), actively seeking out new connections, and engaging with those who accept your invitation.

4) Offer value

Whether you’re looking for a mentor or hoping to connect with your peers, relationships are a two-way street. One of the best ways to establish strong connections—and maintain a positive professional reputation—is by offering value to others.

Whenever possible, promote the talent within your network by providing referrals and making introductions. Share learning experiences with your contemporaries, and offer feedback and gratitude to those who take on a mentorship role in your life.

5) Get involved with your team

Studies show that maintaining good workplace relationships can lead to greater career success, but what does that mean for real estate professionals? Being an agent can mean regularly working alone, which may seem less-than-ideal for those looking to forge beneficial connections.

If you choose a team like RE/MAX Professionals, you’ll have access to in-house support, training opportunities, and exclusive networking events. In an industry where solo work is a necessity, this culture of connection can help you establish relationships with like-minded colleagues.

Are you ready to join a truly supportive team that will be invested in your success? Get in touch to discuss the many advantages of choosing RE/MAX Professionals today.