Launching a career in real estate industry is challenging, and attaining longevity as an agent can be even more so. To achieve ongoing success, expert professional guidance is key.

A real estate mentor can help you not only get started off on the right foot, but build a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and experience to attract and retain clients for years to come.

Here’s how to find a real estate professional who can offer the mentorship you need to move forward in your career:

Understand What Real Estate Mentorship Is

Before you begin your search, be sure you understand the mentor-mentee relationship. There are many benefits to finding a trusted advisor, but don’t expect to be handed the keys to success.

Mentorship is about having the support you need to find your own path. It’s about having the ongoing guidance and feedback to take major career steps with confidence—and learn from your mistakes when you make them.

Of course, the agent or Broker who takes you under their wing should also benefit from your relationship. The truth is, mentoring can have significant mental health benefits not only for mentees, but for mentors as well. Before you start the process, remember that you should find ways to provide value for the professional who agrees to help you.

Know What to Look For

It goes without saying that your mentor should be someone you admire, both personally and professionally. Look for an agent or Broker who has achieved what you hope to achieve over the course of your career—whether it’s a specific industry distinction, or the ideal work-life balance.

Remember that experience is the greatest teacher, and a professional who has plenty of it can help you set realistic goals, take advantage of market opportunities, and develop the right network.

Of course, having a personal connection with your mentor is important. To get the most out of your experience, choose someone who you have a rapport with. They should be both easy to communicate with and truly invested in your success.

Search with Purpose

Finding a mentor is challenging for many agents, and knowing where to look is one of the first steps. The quality of mentorship you receive isn’t just about the individual who acts as your advisor. It’s also about the team they belong to and the workplace they are immersed in.

Looking for a mentor at the brokerage you would like to join can help ensure that you find someone who shares your values. If their office culture places an emphasis on support, training, and opportunities for new agents, it is far more likely that they will have the necessary mindset and tools to help you grow.

At RE/MAX Professionals, we empower new agents through education, networking events, comprehensive marketing services, and more. We believe in doing everything in our power to help new agents achieve success. No matter which brokerage your mentor belongs to, they should feel the same way.

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