Real Estate Career Advice

Few careers are as rewarding as working in real estate. Agents have the opportunity to help home buyers and sellers navigate a significant change in their lives. It’s a true privilege, but it’s also a responsibility—one that can come with a great deal of stress. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce the pressure and achieve the work-life balance you deserve.

Whether you’re a new agent or an industry veteran, here are some steps you can take to deal with the stress of your real estate career…

Adjust your expectations

There’s nothing wrong with setting ambitious goals, so long as you take a pragmatic approach to meeting them. That means not only being realistic when setting timelines and expectations, but knowing when you’ve set the bar a little too high.

As a real estate agent, you’re largely responsible for your own success. The stakes involved make it tempting to work until you face burnout, even though doing so is counterproductive. Instead, try prioritizing, adjusting self-imposed deadlines, and being patient with yourself.

Ask for help

Whether you’re navigating a complex negotiation process or deciding where your marketing dollars should go, the input of other professionals is valuable. A successful colleague may be well-positioned to help you brainstorm when you’re feeling anxious about an unsolved problem. Likewise, your team’s leadership can offer advice rooted in knowledge and hard-won expertise.

At RE/MAX Professionals, we know that agents who are truly supported tend to be more productive than those who take every step alone. When you’re deciding on a team, choose one that is committed to this philosophy.


When stressful tasks pile up, working through them on your own may not be possible. That’s where delegating comes in. Whether you’re in a leadership position or not, seeking help with some of the more straightforward details can free you up to work towards your big-picture goals.

Is there someone who can assist you with a few administrative jobs? Can you be a little less hands-on with your marketing? You may want to consider hiring an assistant, reaching out to your team, or even asking someone you’re close to for help with simple tasks.


At one point or another, most real estate agents will feel overwhelmed by all the small things they have to accomplish. While being thorough is a good thing, getting bogged down in detail can make it more difficult to provide your clients with hands-on service.

Fortunately, technology can take care of many of your day-to-day menial tasks. Automation, which includes everything from email spam filters to appointment-scheduling and marketing software—can drastically cut down on the time you devote to the less personal aspects of your job.

Gain perspective

Caring about your clients and their real estate success is an essential part of being a good agent. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should forgo time for yourself—or your family. You’ll almost certainly receive messages outside traditional work hours, but setting boundaries around when you will engage with them is critical.

Decide on times you’ll devote to communicating with clients, and be clear with them about the best hours to get in touch with you. Even if you sometimes choose to respond at night or on your off-days, establishing these expectations will give you the freedom not to.

While being your own boss can provide a lot of freedom, it may also lead you to put excessive pressure on yourself. By being realistic, asking for help when you need it, and taking time to relax, you can reduce the stress associated with a successful real estate career.

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