As a real estate agent, you can’t achieve success through word of mouth alone. If you’re looking to drum up new business, well-thought-out marketing is crucial. Of course, the process of attracting, converting, and maintaining leads can get pretty complex, and even the most dedicated agent is bound to make a few missteps. Fortunately, knowing what these false moves are can help you avoid them—and start marketing your services more effectively. 

Here are five common real estate marketing mistakes you should avoid…

1) Holding onto an outdated aesthetic

Do your logo, website, and recent mailers look like they’re from another era? It’s all too easy to push updating your marketing materials to the end of your priority list. That said, it’s best to tackle this critical task sooner rather than later. Potential clients will notice if your print and online presence is less-than-polished—and there’s a very good chance that it will impact whether they decide to work with you. 

2) Not aligning with a recognized brand

At a time when those looking for an agent have more options than ever before, the brand you’re affiliated with matters. Unfortunately, many agents overlook the impact that these ties can have on the way they’re perceived. Having a widely-recognized and respected real estate company behind you allows you to start establishing trust with potential clients—instantly. With 8,229 offices worldwide, RE/MAX provides that instant brand recognition that home buyers and sellers are looking for. While what you say matters, having that red and blue logo on your marketing materials also speaks volumes.

3) Targeting the wrong audience

Speaking to the wrong audience is one of the biggest mistakes agents make with their marketing materials. For example, using ultra-modern imagery and a casual tone of voice may not make sense if you have a more mature clientele. Another common misstep is trying to target absolutely everyone. You can’t gear your services toward all buyers and sellers, and trying to do so will make your messaging sound jumbled.

4) Failing to nurture leads

The concept of lead nurturing gets talked about a lot in the real estate industry. Unfortunately, it’s not every agent’s strong suit. That’s too bad, because a true professional’s job doesn’t end when they get that email, phone call, or form submission. As an agent, it’s up to you to follow up and keep the lines of communication open. Be sure to maintain your customer relationship management (CRM) database, and find ways of reaching out to both warm and cold leads.

5) Using generic marketing materials

Do your marketing materials look strikingly similar to those of your competitors? There’s no doubt that standing out in a crowded industry can be a challenge—but the last thing you want is to have your pamphlets, door hangers, emails, and other items going directly in the recycling bin. To avoid this outcome, you need to showcase what makes you unique. The first step is working with a team that can help you create top-of-the-line materials that truly set you apart.

The bottom line

While most real estate agents have a diverse skillset, nobody can be an expert in everything. Fortunately, when it comes to marketing, the right support can help you perfect your image, maximize your exposure, and appeal to the right potential clients. See how RE/MAX Professionals can help you market your services more effectively—and put you on the road to greater success.

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