When it comes to marketing a home for sale, simply installing a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of a listing and calling it a day doesn’t cut it anymore. Getting the highest sold price for your client requires multi-avenue marketing that covers both modern and traditional routes – and more.

Here are 6 effective real estate listing tips to increase exposure:

1. Capitalize on Digital Advertising

Having your listing on the MLS and your own website is one thing, but what about the rest of the internet? 93% of buyers use websites in their home search, so be sure to advertise across your social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram, which are two of the more visually-driven and highly-trafficked websites.

Social media plays a large part in marketing: 47% of quality leads come from social media – even compared to the MLS, which only produces 32% of quality leads for agents.

2. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Since 76% of buyers find their home while searching on a mobile device, you need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website simply means that it has been designed not only for a desktop computer but also for a smartphone, which ensures that it is still easy to read and navigate. If your website or listings don’t display properly on a smartphone, that could mean a lost buyer.

3. Work Your Network

A major advantage of working with RE/MAX is the network of real estate agents you have on your side. You never know who has a buyer looking for a listing just like yours; reach out and you could streamline your sale to everyone’s benefit.

4. Refer to Your Client Database

Networking goes beyond contacting other real estate agents. Once you’ve been in the business for a few years, you are bound to build up a network of previous clients and leads. Now is the time to reach out to these established connections, as they could be looking to buy and are already familiar with you in one way or another.

5. Create Video & Vlog Content

Did you know that 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to work with a real estate agent who uses video? While not everyone is comfortable getting in front of the camera, creating video content for your listings can drastically improve your exposure for listings, and as an agent. Instagram and Facebook Stories also provide more casual platforms for you to give your followers a first-hand look at a property and keep it top-of-mind. Drone footage is also a great option for luxury homes, estates, and larger properties. At RE/MAX, our agents have access to a video studio with equipment and a green screen to film video content as desired.

6. Enlist a Team of Professionals

Marketing your listings is a job unto itself; to help ease the workload, RE/MAX has a full-time, full-service marketing department to help you produce high-quality marketing pieces every step of the way. You can focus on your client while never having to worry about co-ordinating with printers or determining marketing specifics.

Gain Our Marketing Advantage

If you’re considering switching brokerages, you shouldn’t make a decision until you’ve researched their marketing services. See what we have to offer by visiting our Marketing and Design page.

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